Is Bankruptcy My Best Option?

This question, and getting to the answer for our clients, is our mission at Kinkade & Associates.  We are absolutely confident that we can get to the right answer for you and your family.  This confidence is based on the fact that at Kinkade & Associates we have counseled individuals and families about their options for debt relief for just over 20 years.  Debt relief is all we do.

Will 2024 be the year that you look at options to resolve your debt?

In many ways 2024 will continue to be a year of uncertainty; the impact of rising interest rates, the increasing cost of necessities like food and energy, the lingering effects of the covid pandemic, the upcoming election, economic uncertainty and worldwide instability will continue to create financial challenges.  As individuals and families, we have very little control over the larger issues that will continue to impact us in 2024.  However, there are things we can all do that will potentially make a difference for our families in these uncertain times.