Not all debt relief/bankruptcy attorneys are the same.  Not all provide the same level of experience, knowledge, work ethic or client focused customer service.  Not all debt relief attorneys provide the same level of service for the fee charged.  Not all provide the quality of experience or provide the potential for the best outcome for a client.  Not all will provide advice specific to your situation and provide a customized strategy for debt relief.
There is a difference in debt relief/bankruptcy attorneys!  Pricing gimmicks that seek to entice you into the office for “one-size-fits-all” treatment do not tell the whole story!  
How can you be as certain as possible that the debt relief/bankruptcy attorney you choose can provide to you and your family the highest level of representation possible? What should you look for in a debt relief attorney in order to ensure that your experience in achieving relief from your debt is the best it can be?  
There are some important factors that you should consider when selecting a debt relief/bankruptcy attorney:  
(1) Does the attorney offer no-charge initial strategy sessions? A strategy session is  much different than a “free consultation.”  An experienced debt relief attorney will possess the knowledge and experience necessary to formulate a strategy for managing and eliminating your debt, a strategy that is tailored to your individual needs. .
(2) Does the attorney appear to focus only on enticing you with low ball to good to be true pricing schemes?  In exchange for “file your case for [seemingly low money] down” does the attorney force you into a lengthy payment plan or cut corners, providing less than thorough individualized service?    
(3) Does the attorney focus primarily on debt relief?  Hiring a Debt relief attorney who has a primary practice focus on debt relief can be important in several ways.  If an attorney practices in several different areas of law it may be difficult to focus attention on the area of law that will most greatly be impacting you and your family, debt relief.  Hiring an attorney whose primary focus is debt relief will likely provide you and your family with the level of experience and knowledge necessary to be able to assess your situation properly and provide accurate information regarding your debt relief options.
(4) How long has the attorney been providing debt relief services to clients?  Like anything in life, hiring a debt relief attorney that has many years of experience providing debt relief services can give you and your family a significant potential advantage in managing and eliminating your debt.
(5) Does the attorney provide “one size fits all” cookie cutter advice or advice tailored to your needs and circumstances? You and your family have the right to complete information about your debt relief options and the right to select the individualized debt relief option that is best for you.  One size fits all advice typically does not meet anyone’s specific needs  
(6) Does the attorney provide pricing gimmicks or prey upon your fear or desire for a quick “easy” solution that does not serve you and your family well in the long run? The decision you make about debt relief is too important to rely on pricing  gimmicks, “bait and switch” pricing, telephone advice from a non attorney staff person or less than complete information about the right debt relief options for you and your family.
(7) Does the attorney have support staff to assist in serving clients or is the attorney a “one man band?”  Does the attorney have the right number of staff to efficiently and promptly serve the firm’s clients?  Do client phone calls go to a telephone tree or answering machine?  No attorney can fulfill all roles in a well run, efficient and client focused law office.  Quality customer service requires assistance from well trained and client focused staff.        
(8) Does the attorney guide you though each step of the bankruptcy process and directly supervise his staff’s interaction with clients?  When you hire a debt relief attorney you should expect the direct involvement and oversight of that attorney in assisting you with debt relief.  Does the attorney properly follow up on issues that arise after the bankruptcy is filed?  
(9) Is the attorney available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire process?  Does the attorney personally return client phone calls within 24 to 48 hours or sooner?  You have the right to responsive personal service from your debt relief attorney.
(10) Does the attorney have positive reviews from clients that are genuine (not provided by a “paid review” provider) and sincere?
(11) Does the attorney strive to provide service that is above and beyond your expectations and to deliver to you the best possible outcome for debt relief that fits you and your family’s circumstances?  This result does not happen by accident.  The debt relief attorney you hire should have the experience, knowledge, staff, procedures and a focus on customer service that ensures you the best and most professional representation possible.
The level of dedication, experience, work ethic, and the desire to operate a law practice that puts your best interests first varies from attorney to attorney.  You have a right to complete information about your situation and an individualized strategy personalized to fit your specific needs.  You have the right to the best and most professional representation possible.  
At Kinkade & Associates we understand that you have a very important choice to make in considering which attorney to hire to assist you in obtaining relief from your debt.  We invite you to compare our experience, dedication, reputation and overall fees with any attorney in the area.  If you have any questions we invite you to come and see how our experience and dedication can benefit you and your family.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you about your options and an individualized strategy to rebuild your financial life!  No games, no gimmicks, only respect, service and professional representation with your family’s best interests in mind.  

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