Simple and straight forward:

  1. We invite you to compare Our overall attorney fee for an individual (or couple) to file a consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy with other firms in the area that offer debt relief services.  For Chapter 7 bankruptcy case we charge $1,500.00.  We do not have a one-page laundry list of extra fees to make the initial fee seem low.  We do not offer bait and switch pricing tricks/gimmicks such as an offer to file your case for seemingly low money down with a “payment plan” (if you qualify) that ends up costing you more overall in the end, entices you only to push you into a debt relief option that is not the right option for you and your family and/or leaves you frustrated and disappointed;
  2. We invite you to compare our bottom line attorney fee to the bottom line attorney fee of any other debt relief attorney in the Evansville area and its surrounding counties.  Compare our value fee guarantee to the pricing gimmicks offered by other debt relief attorneys; [seemingly low money down].  Compare the final cost of other debt relief attorneys to our bottom line low fee and the personalized attention and service we provide to each of our clients.  For your benefit we offer flexible payment arrangements and our Value Fee Guarantee; and
  3. We invite you to compare our individualized personal service with the “one size fits all” approach promoted by many other bankruptcy attorneys.   We provide individualized service, top shelf customer service and straight forward bottom line pricing to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for all clients.
  4. We invite you to consider our level of service, our Pledge to Clients and our Side by Side comparison with other debt relief firms**;

Overall cost is important but there are additional factors to consider:

While the overall cost of filing is an important factor, there is a difference in debt relief attorneys that is not about price alone!  In addition to the overall cost you need to also know that debt relief attorneys are not all the same.  Not all provide the same level of individualized service, client focused customer service, experience, knowledge, or work ethic.  Not all debt relief attorneys provide the same level of services for the fee charged.  Not all take the time to provide to develop a strategy session for debt relief that you and your family deserve.  Not all provide the quality of experience and the potential for the same outcome for a client.  We invite you not only to benefit from our Value Fee Guarantee but also to compare our service, experience, dedication, and reputation with any attorney in the area.  

If you have any questions we invite you to sit down with us in a free intial strategy session and see how our experience and dedication can benefit you and your family.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you about your options to rebuild your financial life!  No games, no gimmicks, only respect, service and professional representation with your family’s best interests in mind.