file for bankruptcy evansville bankruptcy attorney

File for Bankruptcy

Considering whether or not to file for bankruptcy? Be sure you’re choosing the best possible representation. If you are struggling with medical debt, credit card debt, tax debt, mortgage debt or student loans, we can help you develop the best possible strategy to improve your situation.

file for bankruptcy evansville bankruptcy attorney

Our commitment to you and your family is to offer you:

  • Personalized service
  • Competitive fees
  • Easy to handle paperwork
  • Bankruptcy avoidance – If possible, we may be able to negotiate with creditors to attempt to settle your debts. Offers start at just 10% of what you owe.

If bankruptcy is truly the best option for you, Kinkade & Associates will assist and guide you personally through each step of the bankruptcy process.  Contact Kinkade & Associates, PC to schedule a free in-person consultation with a LOCAL attorney to discuss your options in bankruptcy.

Kinkade & Associates practices bankruptcy law in Evansville, Gibson County, Terre Haute& Vincennes.