If I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy will I ever be able to have credit again, buy a car on credit or qualify for a mortgage?

Yes, the fact is that most individuals and married couples who receive a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge are able to re-establish their credit worthiness in a relatively short period of time.  

Each individual or married couples’ situation is unique.  Often, what folks do after a bankruptcy is more important than the fact that a bankruptcy was filed.  There are specific steps that can be taken prior to, during and immediately after a bankruptcy is filed that will make it much more likely that you can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy and do so relatively quickly.  Although there are many factors to consider in meeting your goal of rebuilding your financial life, most individuals and married couples who choose to file bankruptcy can begin rebuilding their financial life after the bankruptcy is discharged and troublesome debt is discharged

At Kinkade & Associates we discuss your unique situation and develop an appropriate strategy that not only includes managing and eliminating your debt, but provides you information about the right moves that allows you to maximize your opportunity to rebuild your credit after your bankruptcy concludes.  
In other words, there is hope.

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