This question, and getting to the answer for our clients, if the basis of what we do at Kinkade & Associates.  We are absolutely confident that we can get to the right answer for you and your family.  This confidence is based on the fact that at Kinkade & Associates we have counseled individuals and families about their options for debt relief for almost 20 years.  Debt relief is all we do.

But we don’t attempt to answer this critically important question without your having an in-depth conversation (in person or by phone) with an experienced Kinkade & Associates attorney who will speak with you during your no-charge strategy session and learn about your circumstances and the details of your situation.  We don’t make any recommendation to you without learning all of your facts and circumstances and thoroughly discussing with you all of your debt relief options.  We certainly will not file a case for you based upon a ten-minute phone conversation with a non-attorney support staff, as unfortunately may at times be the practice of other attorneys who file bankruptcy cases.  In fact, we believe this is the wrong approach and may put your financial future at risk.  It is a fact that not all debt relief/bankruptcy attorneys are the same.  Not all provide the same level of experience, knowledge, work ethic or client focused customer service.  Not all debt relief attorneys provide the same level of service for the fee charged.  Not all provide the quality of experience or provide the potential for the greatest success for a client.  Not all will provide advice specific to your situation and provide a customized strategy for your debt relief.

There is a difference in debt relief/bankruptcy attorneys!  Pricing gimmicks that seek to entice you into the office for “one-size-fits-all” treatment do not tell the whole story!  You and your family need and deserve the strategy based individualized attention to detail and high level of customer service provided to clients at Kinkade & Associates.  If you hire us, we take the time not only to get to know you but we walk with you during every step of the process of achieving debt relief for you and your family and assisting, you in rebuilding your family’s financial life.   

At Kinkade & Associates we understand that you have a very important choice to make in considering which attorney to hire to assist you in obtaining relief from your debt.  We invite you to compare our experience, dedication, reputation and overall fees with any attorney in the area.  If you have any questions, we invite you to come and see how our experience and dedication can benefit you and your family.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you about your options and an individualized strategy to rebuild your financial life!  No games, no gimmicks, only respect, service and professional representation with your family’s best interests in mind.

Please contact us, by phone or using the “Contact Us” section of our web site, for to schedule your no-charge strategy session.  You can begin your journey towards rebuilding your financial future today!