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Debt settlement can potentially provide an opportunity for a discreet and cost-effective way to eliminate debt without filing bankruptcy. However, debt settlement is not necessarily the preferred method to eliminate debt and there are many factors to consider in determining whether or not debt settlement is right for you and your family. If debt settlement is an option for you and your family the process is fairly straight forward. Unsecured creditors would of course like for you to pay your debts in full. However, if you can’t pay your unsecured debts in full most creditors would generally prefer to have some money rather than nothing. Our Debt Settlement Attorney in Terre Haute will talk with the unsecured creditors you specify and on your behalf attempt to negotiate settlement with them.

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Since we are bankruptcy attorneys, creditors recognize that the vast majority of the people we represent do in fact file bankruptcy. This generally causes unsecured creditors to ask us if our clients are interested in settling their debt. If the negotiation is successful your creditor will agree to accept a negotiated sum, in exchange for a lump sum payment of less than the full amount owed. Generally, our average settlement is between 40 – 50%. Keep in mind however that this is only an average and actual results vary from person to person depending on the type of debt, the amount of the debt and when the debt was incurred. At times a higher percentage is required. Some creditors may refuse to accept an amount less than what is owed. Some creditors may refuse to negotiate and instead make efforts to aggressively collect the debt including filing a lawsuit. Debt settlement does not offer the same blanket protection as bankruptcy and collection activities may continue unless and until a debt is settled. The most significant challenge to settling unsecured debt is funding potential settlements. Because most creditors will require lump sum payments, the ability to settle debt will heavily depend on whether or not you can raise the funds necessary to settle with your unsecured creditors in a relatively short period of time.

Debt Settlement in Terre Haute, IN

In summation debt settlement is not an option for everyone. There are serious issues that must be considered when considering debt settlement including, but not limited to, short term damage to your credit and potential taxation of settled debt. Your individual situation requires careful review and discussion. If you are interested in discussing potential settlement of your debt we would be happy to meet with you in a free no obligation initial consultation with a Debt Settlement Attorney in Terre Haute to discuss whether or not debt settlement may be an option for you.

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