Can I file bankruptcy on medical bills?

Yes, you can file bankruptcy on medical bills.  In fact, most individuals and couples that file bankruptcy have substantial medical debt.  Medical bills from an Illness or accident, or just accumulated over time, even when someone has health insurance, is one of the leading reasons an individual or couple typically consider their options in bankruptcy.
If you are overwhelmed by debt, including but certainly not limited to medical bills, please know that at Kinkade & Associates we understand that the decision to begin the process of exploring your options in managing and resolving debt is an important first step, but often difficult.  Undoubtedly you have questions about your options in debt relief.  How does bankruptcy work?  What is the process?  How much will it cost to file bankruptcy?  What kind of bankruptcy is best for me and my family?  Do I have to have a certain amount of debt to file bankruptcy?  What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?  How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?  Can I file bankruptcy without an attorney?  (For answers to these specific questions and more please see our numerous informative articles on our web site).

Getting detailed, correct and thorough information as well as building a personalized strategy for debt relief is critically important to you and your family.  At Kinkade & Associates we firmly believe that you will benefit from a free strategy session with an experienced Kinkade & Associates attorney.  At Kinkade and Associates our service to you begins with a free initial in-person (with appropriate precautions) strategy session with an experienced local attorney.  During your free initial in-person strategy session an experienced Kinkade and Associates attorney will talk with you about you and your family’s options for debt relief.  At Kinkade and Associates we do not give “one size fits all” advice that is not personalized to you and your family but instead provide to you the individualized advice and service you deserve.    Some firms that do bankruptcy work handle all initial consultations by telephone or delegate the initial consultation to a staff person within the firm.  At Kinkade and Associates we believe that your family’s financial future is simply too important for you to rely only on a phone conversation or an initial consultation with someone who is not an attorney.  At Kinkade and Associates we believe that you should not make decisions about your family’s financial future based simply on a phone call or a conversation with a non-attorney staff person.  

If you hire us to work for you, we guide you through each step of the process that is the best option to allow you and your family to achieve your goal of managing and resolving your debt.  From the initial strategy session through the completion of our services to you the personalized service provided to clients at Kinkade and Associates continues until we have done everything possible to assist you and brought you to the point where you have the greatest opportunity for a fresh financial start.  During that process you and your family can rely on Kinkade and Associates to provide to you the thorough and personalized legal representation you and your family deserve.  Our Pledge to you and your family is straight forward and effective.

The attorneys at Kinkade & Associates welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your situation and provide you with detailed personalized information about the options that are best suited to your family’s circumstances.  Please contact us through our web site or give us a call to schedule your free no obligation initial strategy session with a local attorney.
Thank you for considering Kinkade and Associates.  

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